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Candidates & Ballot Information

Kent County has earned the title of a “battleground” county by Politico, and Forest Hills plays a large role in election outcomes. 


Rationally focused on key issues like strong public schools, the environment, gun sensibility, and reproductive rights, Democrats are attracting more support in our communities. PLEASE vote all the way down the ballot every election. When more Democrats vote, we win!

Election: August 6, 2024 (Partisan Primary)


Nearly every office is on the ballot in 2024 and some terms are lengthening. Now is the time to elect Democrats at the township level and for: 

  • County Commission 

  • State House 

  • U.S. House of Representatives 

  • U.S. Senate 

  • President 

View the current list of candidates here (Kent County Elections). 

Election: November 5, 2024 (General Election)

  • Board of Education

  • Township and Village 

  • County Commission 

  • State House 

  • U.S. House of Representatives 

  • U.S. Senate 

  • President 

  • Millages   


Contribute to our Political Action Committee. We will direct the funds to candidates and key get-out-the-vote initiatives.

4 Reasons to Contribute to the Forest Hills Dems:


You Agree With Our Values.

We need to encourage Democrats to turn out the vote and elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot. Your contributions will help us reach more Democratic voters. 

You Want to Support Local Democrats but Don't Know How. 

We're familiar with each candidate from the township and village level up to the Governor. We can help steer critical funds toward top races based on our expertise. 


You Have Already Reached the Allowable Donation Limit for Your Favorite Candidate(s).

PAC contributions do not count toward the individual limits for political donations for specific candidates. When you give to a PAC, you cannot designate which candidate your contribution will go to, but we are transparent about our values and the slate of candidates we support.


Our Collective Voice is Stronger.

Our voice is made stronger by helping Dems get elected in our battleground community! We can make contributions work harder.  

Serving Our Districts


U.S. House Michigan District 3 (Congress)

Congresswoman Hillary Scholten

Rep. Scholten flipped the district and now represents West Michigan in Washington!


State Senate, District 30

Let's win back this seat! 

Senate District 30 went red in 2022 after a very close race. 


State House, District 80

Rep. Phil Skaggs

Rep. Skaggs elevated his experience on City and County Commission and now serves the Cascade and Kentwood area at the state level.


State House, District 81

Rep. Rachel Hood (Stephen Wooden)

Rep. Hood serves West Michiganders in Ada after winning re-election in this new district. Stephen Wooden is running to maintain this Democratic seat in 2024.


Townships and County Commission

Vote November 2024

Support Democrats in Ada, Cascade, Grand Rapids Township, Lowell, Caledonia, and Kentwood. Look for Township races like Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and Trustee. Choose Dems for County Commission. 

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